The Plotless Monster

Hello, welcome to the blog of the plotless monster. A blog where my random and often inner-workings seep out into the limelight. I'll tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Brian, I'm 26, I'm a screenwriter who is working on producing the sequel to the 2006 horror deconstructionist epic Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. I've been passionate about comic characters and fiction since I was a kid, and it's only natural I really gravitated to it. I'm a huge Batman fan, I love watching New Girl, The League, Arrow, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Young Justice, Doctor Who, American Horror Story, and the Walking Dead, and Face/Off. There will definitely be AWESOME content of all walks of cool as well as adult/NSFW content from time to time. Heads up! I dig special effects making, collect comic art, love horror, and enjoy going out. I can't say no to burgers, I adore cats :), enjoy video games, old-school wrestling, reading, cosplay, and recreational hazards of all sorts. Hope you enjoy the many happenings of this blog & don't hesitate to ask me anything. Wherever you go, make sure you go somewhere and get lost:) this page has to do with my interests and the things in life I find blissful and like following. Warning severe nerdgasms, intense puns, redonkulous words, and above all else a fun time.


Storm by Stephanie Hans

Starting the finishing touches on my costumes/cosplay for October and the leaves are showing the slightest change in color as I start to decorate. Figured a Fall-themed Poison Ivy cosplay of Nicole Marie Jean is only appropriate :D


I keep hearing “what a beauty” in Steve Irwin’s voice through my head.

It gets on my nerves how our news over here serves as the poster boy for beheading/terrorist videos. They should take a page out of Baseball when a fan runs onto the field and not give them the attention and to discourage. This is the U.S. after all…… scaring people makes people money….