The Plotless Monster

Hello, welcome to the blog of the plotless monster. A blog where my random and often inner-workings seep out into the limelight. I'll tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Brian, I'm 26, I'm a screenwriter who is working on producing the sequel to the 2006 horror deconstructionist epic Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. I've been passionate about comic characters and fiction since I was a kid, and it's only natural I really gravitated to it. I'm a huge Batman fan, I love watching New Girl, The League, Arrow, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Young Justice, Doctor Who, American Horror Story, and the Walking Dead, and Face/Off. There will definitely be AWESOME content of all walks of cool as well as adult/NSFW content from time to time. Heads up! I dig special effects making, collect comic art, love horror, and enjoy going out. I can't say no to burgers, I adore cats :), enjoy video games, old-school wrestling, reading, cosplay, and recreational hazards of all sorts. Hope you enjoy the many happenings of this blog & don't hesitate to ask me anything. Wherever you go, make sure you go somewhere and get lost:) this page has to do with my interests and the things in life I find blissful and like following. Warning severe nerdgasms, intense puns, redonkulous words, and above all else a fun time.

I feel like with all the fandoms, ships, and randomized rules in the tumblr-verse that this gif will make it’s way around whenever anyone has an opinion. 

And you don’t have to be a Scottish timelord to complain. (or read an anonymous interweb blog for that matter) I have slight emotional stake in the comic book world and feel like getting my “obvious feelings” out of the way after relaxing on this pleasant Labor Day weekend. Marvel does movies better than DC. It’s been a rough ride for them with flicks like Daredevil, The Punisher, & Ghostrider which didn’t set the world on fire exactly. But they invested wisely in some properties that have only increased at the box office after The Avengers investment. I mean if I had to look at Thor 1#’s box office compared to Dark World I bet I could tell the difference. Good job on that front. I’m still waiting for a female lead movie btw. 

I will give DC credit on taking the lead on TV shows. Gotham, Arrow, Flash, & Constantine whoops ass. Nuff’ said. The Batman games continue to thrive on consoles. Marvel does do a better job in the comics department as of late. New 52 Batman’s Zero Year left me hanging just a little towards the end and I wish I could like they’re new Suicide Squad but it’s just not in the cards…..

I’m curious what Gamers think of Amazon purchasing Twitch and how they will ft into the whole video game mix.

I have no shortage of complaints from stupid people to bad casting (istillcannotbelievegambitistatumgrrrrrrughhhh)

biggest complaint I can muster at the moment is people thinking Vince Russo was a genius in the wrestling business. He wasn’t. To take a little credit off his shoulders for WCW he couldn’t do the same shit there as what was happening in the WWF. It was like two different flavors of ice cream….it can’t work with a promotion that emphasized more kid-friendly/wrestling based company. To further my point he did the whole “artist formerly known as” thing for Goldust in the WWF and then Prince Iuakea in WCW….THE SAME FUCKING GIMMICK!!!!! Gimme a break.

I also would like to rant on how annoying it is that my oven is broke to shit. Living a week without pizza isn’t the most cruel punishment, but dammit….it’s getting to me….

I’m having daydreams of a drone delivering pizza now…..

What fresh hell is this?!

Thanks Doctor Who for a great junk food date? Same time next Saturday? I’ll bring the goodies as per last time, and don’t worry about dressing fancy I’ll be in my shorts curled up on the couch keeping my legs retracted as if the carpet was lava like a 1st grader at recess.

I hope my rant doesn’t echo too far into cyberspace and the after signal reaches malicious intelligent life that enslaves us and recognizes Nikki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and The Jersey Shore gang as reincarnated Gods, thus forcing their exposure on us permanently and invoking a cruel-dim-witted dictatorship with bad taste and music…..

I sense I babbled too far…..people underestimate the power of a good babble. Goodnight :)

The feeling I get on holidays around extended family when I find a secluded place to chill and eat junk food…..

*secluded laughter*

I feel so good getting this off my chest…..