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Hello, welcome to the blog of the plotless monster. A blog where my random and often inner-workings seep out into the limelight. I'll tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Brian, I'm 26, I'm a screenwriter who is working on producing the sequel to the 2006 horror deconstructionist epic Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. I've been passionate about comic characters and fiction since I was a kid, and it's only natural I really gravitated to it. I'm a huge Batman fan, I love watching New Girl, The League, Arrow, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Young Justice, Doctor Who, American Horror Story, and the Walking Dead, and Face/Off. There will definitely be AWESOME content of all walks of cool as well as adult/NSFW content from time to time. Heads up! I dig special effects making, collect comic art, love horror, and enjoy going out. I can't say no to burgers, I adore cats :), enjoy video games, old-school wrestling, reading, cosplay, and recreational hazards of all sorts. Hope you enjoy the many happenings of this blog & don't hesitate to ask me anything. Wherever you go, make sure you go somewhere and get lost:) this page has to do with my interests and the things in life I find blissful and like following. Warning severe nerdgasms, intense puns, redonkulous words, and above all else a fun time.

Painting Coffins, would make a good band name.


Wait, How Do TV Ratings Work? [Click to find out with GIFs]
SPOILER: because of all the downloading, they kind of don’t.

Elevator to heaven

I’m waiting for Marvel/DC to get the led out and get us a female comic character movie…..come on now guys….and not only that….

It’s even more mind boggling that the first female artist to draw Batman Is Becky Cloonan and that was in 2012. I hope more female artists/writers find fan support and continue their efforts.

"If you dare nothing, then when the day is over nothing is all you will have gained."

The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman)

FYI, the British cover of this book is really awesome. 

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"Other people are not medicine."

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